Birth class trouble makers

We completed our 3 session birth class last weekend and it sorta sunk in that this is happening whether I want it to or not!  This was more for me than Royce (initially) since I figured he-who-has-delivered babies would know a bit himself.  Come to find out that knowledge of catching babies is not the same as knowledge of coaching someone through the labor process.

Overall it was a decent way to spend our time, I feel a little better prepared, a little freaked out, but also a lot more educated.  The start of the class was a little rocky which gave us some hesitation.  The first hour of the first session was filled with technical difficulties.  Nothing gets me more irritated than a speaker who is not prepared!

Once she was settled we spent an hour on insulting information such as “you shouldn’t drink”, “you should eat a balanced diet”, “your body is changing”.  I found this information to be a bit silly as with an average 8 weeks left of pregnancy I would hope that the women in the class had thought long and hard about diet, drink and body image.

Next up was at least 30 mins of videos of how to get up from a seated or lying position, and how to get out of a car.  I think the one that took the cake was the video on how to help stiff muscles if you sit all day long.  Royce and I had a good laugh on the way home mocking how horrible it would be if you were stuck at a desk and had no clue how to relieve stiff muscles…or if you were stuck in a car for 7 months because you couldn’t figure out how to get out.

The remaining of the sessions were better.  Royce got a little ornery during some of the relaxation times.  The instructor would suggest for the dad to find a ‘tense’ spot on mom and massage it out.  Royce always went for my ear lobes.  This of course put me in a fit of giggles.

I’m sure when the time comes we won’t remember practically any of what we learned.  Maybe we will, who knows.  We do a lot of the positioning in my prenatal Yoga class so maybe the weekly practice will help.  As to the breathing, well I’m hopeful it will either come naturally or Royce will remind me to do it every once in a while.

Ready or not, she will come!


  1. Or you can just get an epidural and then you won’t feel a thing!! I was kind of anti-epidural when I was pregnant, but I ended up getting one, and it was the BEST decision I made! I highly, HIGHLY recommend the epidural.

  2. Mine was in probably 30 minutes after I asked for it, maybe less, but I know some women who said it took hours to get theirs done. Probably a good idea to ask for it as soon as you get to the hospital:)

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