3rd trimester

I’ll have to admit the first 2 trimesters were a breeze and a mere 4 weeks into this last and final stretch I’m not feeling much different.  I’m a bit bigger (belly is measuring in at 39 inches around) but still small enough that people don’t believe I’m in my 3rd trimester or that I only have 8 more weeks left.  I’ve also slowed down a bit, but I think that’s mostly because of my residual cold.  I can’t quite power-walk to meetings and up 2 flights of stairs TID like I used too without getting huffy and puffy.  I still do it, I just give myself 10 mins instead of 5 to accomplish the task.

I started a prenatal yoga class last week.  I’m not much of a yogi…always prefered my hour long Pilates class over the 1.5 hour yoga class which included this nap-time thing at the end that I could never get my head around.  Pilates is proving to get a little difficult as of late, I think I’ve got about 2 more weeks of it left in me, it’s getting hard to heave-ho myself around that mat with any dignity.  Yoga seemed like the next best alternative and it is proving to be useful.  It too is nice to be a in a class surrounded by other pregnant women…there is just this vibe when you get enough of us in one room that can be pretty cool.  I’m the farthest along in the class, most of the other girls are due in December or January, yet I’m the smallest most agile one there.  One girl is due 5 days after me, but she looks (and moves) as though she is due 1 month before me.  It makes me feel really lucky to be so small…at least for now.  I would rather have 2 weeks of large uncomfortableness instead of 2 months!

I always pictured myself as gaining a ton of weight and feeling horrible during pregnancy.  I’m completely surprised with how opposite things have worked.  I credit it mostly to staying active with Pilates and my deep-water swimming class.  And although it sounds silly, I really do have to walk long and far to get to meetings at work.  Add to that the stairs I go up and down 10+ times each day, I’m guaranteed a mini workout every day I’m in the office.  Also I haven’t really changed my diet and I don’t eat more than I used to prior.  I do let myself enjoy 3-4 Oreos and a glass of milk almost nightly without guilt.  For the most part though I’m not craving anything bad for me…I’m just as happy with an apple as a snack as I am a mini frozen snickers bar and 90% of the time I’ll choose the apple (probably b/c I already had the frozen snickers bar prior!).  Having all these fresh veggies around from our CSA has helped keep me on track too, as we almost always have dinner at home instead of going out.

It will be interesting to see how these last few weeks go.  Strange to think I only have 8 left!


  1. Glad to hear you’re still feeling good! With Jake, I didn’t start to get huge until about the last 4 weeks, and then when he dropped about 2 weeks before my due date, that’s when I started the pregnancy waddle. I had been doing prenatal yoga, lots of walking, and weight training up until then, but it got hard to do anything other than the walking (or waddling) when my belly popped. Of course, it didn’t help that I carried him completely out in front.

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