A cold of all colds

I knew getting sick would happen sometime during these 40-weeks but I didn’t quite know how hard it would be.  Royce brought a cold home earlier this week and I knew my time was limited before I caught it too.  Yesterday was my day.

The worst part is not being able to take anything for my symptoms.  Tylenol is OK, but these past few months I’ve found that this is the worst pain reliever out there.  I’ve taken to calling it my placebo.  I do take Benadryl at night but what I really need/desire/crave is a whopping dose of pseudoephedrine.  There is so much congestion and pressure in my head that my eyeballs feel like they are going to pop out and my teeth hurt.  Then there is the pressure on the ears which of course won’t pop.  You know it’s bad when your eyes just water from the pressure.

It will all be over with soon.  I can’t wait to get a nights sleep where I don’t wake up with a figurative elephant sitting on my head and a fire breather in my nostrils.  Makes my BID-TID toilet visits I had previously seem like a cake walk.  And I’m o’ so grateful that this is just a head cold and not a chest cold.  Given my current decrease in cardiovascular capacity carrying around this baby I’m sure that would have not been fun to deal with.

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