29 week glamor shots

We had our 28/29 week doctor appointment today which was filled with fun.  We got to see baby again…we saw her last at 20 weeks (and found out ‘it’ was a ‘she’).  It’s way easier to tell things apart when they are smaller and less scrunched up that’s for sure.  We did get one nice profile shot however that makes some sense to this untrained eye.

scan0003a copy

I also got to experience the 1-hr glucose tolerance test.  This is the test they run on everyone to screen for gestational diabetes.  You drink this glucose beverage which has 5 grams of sugar and tastes like flat orange crush.  When we got my bottle at the 24 week appointment we had a few laughs.  While waiting for the doctor I decided to read the instructions out-loud to Royce and being silly said “Best if served chilled… and mixed with vodka”.  Royce looked up and was like “It doesn’t say that!”  …then we fell into a fit of laughter in the doctors room.  The next funny instruction is that the bottle actually said to “Administer test in the morning, when possible, and advise the patient to remain quiet for the duration of the test”.  So that of course peaked Royce’s interest and he asked the doctor why I had to remain quiet.  The doctor had to read it for herself and her conclusion with a chuckle  was “I don’ t know, but it’s a good idea…don’t tell us how bad it tastes…we already know”.  So in fun we had a mini photo shoot this AM.  This is what happens when you make a pregnant woman fast for 12 hours and then feed her 5g of sugar!

Untitled-1 copy


  1. Ya, everyone talked about how awful that stuff was, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Kinda like that “orange drink” they used to have in the lunch room at school.

    • midwestkids says:

      I agree…it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t really stop to savor it, but it sorta gets a bad rap. Worst part was the jitters after…I’m not used to consuming that much sugar in one sitting. Wanted to jump out of my skin.

  2. mandysmusings says:

    Oh, the first test isn’t too bad. It’s if or when they ask you to come in for your second test that it sucks. Less for the drink and more for the timed blood tests and sitting around for 4 hours in a stuffy waiting room. Here’s hoping you pass the first go around!

  3. Hello, sorry to butt-in as a stranger here, but I just had to say it’s very funny we both found the label on the glucose test entertaining… the exact phrases too. I just took mine today. (I’m due December 5). Anyway, I wondered if anyone else had ever commented on or actually read that silly label, so that’s how I found your blog. I do like your vodka joke; I didn’t think of that! Best of wishes with your pregnancy! 🙂 -Tamara

    • midwestkids says:

      Thanks for the comment! (It’s always fun to know people other than my mother read this) I’m glad my husband and I aren’t the only silly ones out there! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

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