28 weeks

Welcome to the 3rd trimester!  Only 3 more months to go.  I’m about 15 lbs heavier than I was 6 months ago and man it makes a difference lugging all the extra weight around.  Not fun… and I know it will only get worse.

I enter this last and final leg on vacation.  We have been enjoying ourselves thoroughly here in Hilton Head.  So far I’ve played 2 rounds of golf and have logged multiple hours lazing by the pool.  Granted relaxing by the pool is a lot more enjoyable without a big belly (can’t lay on tummy)…have to get up and walk around occasionally so I don’t come home with freckles on only one side.   Golf isn’t much different…bending down constantly is sort of a pain in the ass but if you look at your typical old male golfer you see many guts so I’m not too far off from the norm around here.  Royce did a decent job attempting to capture this pregnant golfing phenomenon…I can’t believe I’m posting these. I think I look about as awful as I’ve ever looked in my life (pale, puffy, frizzy hair)…but here you go anyways…


  1. mandysmusings says:

    If it makes you feel better, at least you don’t look like this: http://www.babyjellybeans.com/sites/lots/F/14614/depot/14614_090903_12_136641.jpg

    That was me at 28 weeks, at my baby shower. You look loads slimmer 🙂

    • midwestkids says:

      Oh my goodness! My belly may be smaller, but the rest of me feels pretty huge at times. The humidity doesn’t help…I blow up like a blow fish in humid climates. Not good for a water retaining pregnant girl!

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