Still lots to do

It’s been a busy couple of weekends here!   By some odd freak of nature Royce had 3 weekends off in a row from work.  This hasn’t happened since…umm…nope…been 7 years and I don’t recall this ever happening before.  Needless to say he has been quite busy on the baby’s room with all this extra time off.  Like all rooms we have tackled we haven’t just painted (that would be too easy!).  It’s been a process of removing old moulding, painting ceilings, installing ceiling fans, updating hardware, and converting closets.  We have done (or will do) all of this to the baby’s room.  Royce has finished replacing the moulding and painting.  It took him an entire day, but he also got the ceiling fan installed too!  This room was also where the cable came in from the outside so it took some jimmy-rigging to convert the old ‘wrap around the basebords’ style to ‘lets just sink it into the basement style’.  I think he will finish up this weekend and then we can start on the closet.  Won’t be long til the furniture arrives so at least the vast span of the room is done.  I need to get on my horse and start sewing this bedding too.

We still have lots of other things to do to keep us busy though.  I’ve signed up for all the appropriate birthing classes/hospital tours/CPR classes.  Still need to finish the registries. I hope to do that sometime when we get back from Hilton Head.  And of course we need to enjoy this 2-some freedom some more before we come a 3-some.

Baby seems to be doing good.  She must be going through a growth spurt b/c she isn’t as squirmy and I seem to increase in size before ones eyes.  I jinxed myself after my belly photo post.  Now I definitely have a belly, no questions about it.  This week I had a couple episodes of generalized overall clamminess and lightheaded-ness.  Went home from work early on Tuesday because of it (naps make everything better!) thinking maybe I over did it on my walk on Monday night in the oppressive heat.  When the same thing happened on Wednesday I got a bit concerned and had my blood pressure checked at the clinic at work and called my doctor.  Comes to find out oatmeal, fruit and coffee are not enough for this greedy baby girl for breakfast.  I was ordered to eat more protein and drink some water before lunch.  So far so good.  Haven’t had any repeat episodes yet which is a good thing because I do a lot of walking/stair climbing at work to get to meetings and walking around lightheaded was not fun.

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