Cucumbers and Peaches

So far our CSA has been a non stop proider of cucumbers.  We get 2 every week it seems.  It’s become a joke around here to see who can come up with something to do with cucumbers each weekend.  We have had some easy winners, time-consuming winners, and some solid losers…and have also have made plenty of the standard cucumber/vinegar salad as well.  While strolling through the farmers market yesterday I over heard the words cucumber gazpacho and thought “Ah ha!  That’s the cucumber experiment for this week!”.

I whipped this recipe up fast last night (omitting the grape garnish because we didn’t have any…opted for tomato garnish instead).  Turned out great!  My Cuisinart must have still had jalapeno oil left in it from my giant batch of green curry paste I put together a few months ago, so our end product had a bit of a kick.  Considering some of the other recipes I was looking at called for jalapenos I figured it wasn’t a bad thing that we had a hint of that flavor running through it.

We have also had an endless supply of great peaches from the farmers market.  I wanted to make a peach pie the other day but man those things take a lot of peaches!  Instead, we opted to keep using our simple 1-peach make as you go desert we call ‘peach treat’.  It’s been a staple around our house for a few years now and I figured I would share for those of you craving a peach pie or cobbler but not wanting to take out a loan to buy the 10+ peaches necessary for such a culinary adventure.  This is a perfect way to get rid of peaches past their prime or even those not quite ready for prime time yet.  It also quickly satisfies that craving for the above mentioned pie…and you don’t have an entire pie laying around taunting you all week.

Royce & Julie’s Peach Treat
1 or 2 peaches per person
granola – pecan praline granola is perfect
1-2 tsp brown sugar per peach half
butter – squeeze butter is good here
vanilla ice-cream

Cut peaches in half, twist open and remove pit.  Place flat side up in a baking dish covered in aluminum foil.  Sprinkle some brown sugar on top of each peach half.  Heap a generous spoonful of granola on top of each peach half being clumsy and allowing some to fall in the pan for topping later.  Nicely place a pat of butter (or squeeze a generous teaspoon) on top of the granola.  Bake at 350 for about 15 mins or until peaches are soft.

Serve warm peaches in bowls with vanilla ice cream.  Be sure to scrape out the browned granola that not knocked off your peaches and drizzle any remaining peach juice over your treat!


  1. mandysmusings says:

    Yum, that recipe looks delish…and best of all, easy! Will have to try that soon.

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