Knits conquered?

I follow a blog of an old high school acquaintance who also loves to sew.  The other day she had a post about knits that inspired me to try (again) this tricky material.   One of my first projects was (stupidly) a yoked tank-top that I had attempted with a t-shirt knit…lets just say that project still isn’t finished.

Armed with a maternity friendly pattern (Vogue was on sale this week at Hancock!) and a flock of soft flimsy fresh knit I found on the remnant table at G Street I set out to work.  There were many frustrations…one of which was attempting to understand the archaic pictures and instructions provided by Bernina for threading my machine for a double needle.  After a phone call to Mom though I was off and running.

I experimented with multiple stitch types during the sewing process and by the end I learned that 1) I really should change my presser foot for the over-lock stitch and 2) the super stretch stitch with a double needle is absolutely perfect for finishing a visible hem.  I also learned that ripping out either of these stitches is a complete pain in the ass…so before I start sewing I better make sure I’m doing it right!

I changed some things from the original pattern…used a smaller width of elastic (next time…at least while I’m pregnant I’ll use an even smaller width) and I didn’t put on the cuffs opting for a visible hem instead.  The fabric I used was honestly a bit too stretchy, the pattern called for medium stretch knits so the cuff didn’t hold up well so the next attempt I’ll use a sturdier knit.  I’ll also make a way smaller size…because even though I’m measuring right now as a large  the forgiveness of the knit and the cut of the shirt would allow me to make a medium (or even a small…this shirt is HUGE…but I also prefer clothes that are closer fitting).

It was a good learning experience and I got a nice roomy shirt out of it…and for $2.99 a yard if I only wear it twice I won’t feel guilty.  I could even wear it this winter with a long sleeved shirt or turtle neck underneath. At least I feel better about working with this type fabric which is a good thing given my current state…knits are very forgiving over the growing belly!

PS:  I really need to start taking photos of my projects in better light!

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