My dream come true?

It was only a few months ago when I posted my letter to Honda…and it looks like maybe they have listened?  I’m sure my letter had nothing to do with it (although it would be nice to think of ones self as so powerful) and more to do with Toyota’s new Venza that is now competing in the ‘crossover SUV/station wagon’ market.

I’ll have to say we finally saw a Venza yesterday and its not half bad.  It was a bit bigger than I had anticipated but was super roomy and sits somewhere between the elephants eye-level of an SUV and the elephants ankle of a sedan.  Given that I don’t know squat about the repair history or reliability of other s-wagon makers we are considering (Subaru, Volvo, Volkswagen) I was heavily leaning toward this new Toyota if Honda didn’t get their butts in gear.

Looks like I may be in luck though as this new Honda…tagged the Crosstour, should be available sometime this fall.  We will still look around in case the Crosstour is too big for our desires.  They haven’t released the US prototype yet, but I’m hoping it is modeled after the body style of an Accord (unlike the Venza which is a far cry from a Toyota Camry) which would make it just about the right size for this lady’s needs.

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