Baby furniture

After a couple months of debating we finally decided on baby furniture!  Since this stuff takes 10-14 weeks to arrive we were sort of pressed to make a decision sooner rather than later so that furniture arrives before baby.  Yea-yea I know baby doesn’t sleep in crib for the first month or so anyways so it really doesn’t matter who arrives first.  However I don’t think having furniture delivered soon after baby’s arrival would be all that fun to deal with/schedule…not to mention having to fashion make shift changing areas and find places for all the ‘stuff’ without a dresser.

The final contender was the Tuscan series made by Pali…we got the crib and the double dresser.  It even has a sort of rustic antiquy feeling to it which will go nice with the low-key farm theme.


  1. Very pretty and classic. Albert likes the farm theme.


  1. […] went with a very plain crib that will sort-of coordinate with Syd’s crib and furniture.  Although a different brand than hers the simple line and square edging will be a decent match. […]

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