Things she must like

Over the past week I’ve definitely been feeling movement in my belly.  Books will tell you the ‘fluttering’ can begin at 16 weeks, but from 16 to 20 I couldn’t discern between baby or gas.  Most of the time when I thought I felt something the tell tale fart shortly after pretty much summed up what I was really experiencing.

My first “ah ha!  that’s gotta be baby moment” was when I was registering last weekend.  I was standing in the clothing section and I was 100% sure she was squirming around.  I then felt the same sensation when cooking later that night.  It’s now been confirmed a couple of other times too.

Now I associate what I’m doing with when I feel movement and I (of course logically) equate that to things she likes (because baby can totally tell what I’m doing right?  OK…just appease me will you?).  So far she must like shopping, cooking, discussing equal rights for gay couples, finances, collecting documents to refinance the house, and sewing. She also must like blogging because she is going crazy in there right now.  There is significantly more movement in the mornings than the evenings which is the opposite from what most people tell you so she must like mornings (or the coffee I feed her in the mornings).  Things she doesn’t like is big meals and gas (can you blame her?)…cause I never feel her move if I’ve got too full a tummy.

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