All the things I ‘should not’ be doing

According to my co-workers I shouldn’t do the following:

  1. walk fast
  2. carry anything larger than a 3-ring binder
  3. wear heels
  4. push a cart
  5. open a door
  6. push an elevator button
  7. go up the stairs
  8. go down the stairs
  9. stand
  10. jump
  11. fall down
  12. drink the water at work
  13. live in silver spring
  14. go to the NIH for oncology clinic

As you can see it’s been quite a fun time at work since I’ve ‘come out’.   I almost wish I would have waited until I started showing to tell anyone…next time I will be smarter!   The way they treat me I sometimes feel like a mentally deranged handicapped leper.

My favorites are the obvious things like #11…I mean is it good to fall when you are NOT pregnant?  And when did cancer patients start emitting toxins through their breath.  I’ve told them numerous times I don’t handle the chemotherapy drugs or even touch the patients…I just talk to them…but somehow some linkage is missing and I’m still not supposed to go to clinic because the baby is being harmed.  I mean some of this is comical, and some of it is ethnic and extremely naive.  And by the way our water at work has been tested so much I’m almost certain it’s the safest drinking water in America.

But honestly it’s starting to get annoying and borderline insulting considering the only thing my doctor told me not to do is eat raw meat or fish or drink heavily.  Also they keep trying to feed me all the time.  That’s about as annoying as it gets in the unsolicited advice arena.

I can’t wait for all the advice I’ll get when I actually have the kid.


  1. This is absolutely hilarious! I was laughing out loud – sorry it’s at your expense since you’re having to live it, but it is funny. Next time, just tell them that my mom was climbing on and off a tractor all day the day that I was born. And I’ve turned out okay (well, that is up for debate…)

    • midwestkids says:

      I’m glad I could provide you with some daily humor!

      I mean my mother stood all day long and taught during both of her pregnancies and if I come into a room everyone jumps up and insists I take their chair…even if I’m only there for a quick second. It is quite the spectacle. LOL.

  2. With the exception of the last two, I did all of those while I was pregnant — even the falling down:) Of course no one thought I should have done any of those things either. And I really shouldn’t have fallen down…


  1. […] surprise left to share with you on her birthday!  That and I already have a hard enough time with unsolicited advice as I’m sure all pregnant women do.  The last thing I need right now is a strangers opinion […]

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