It’s a girl!!!

The wait is over!  It seems like it has been forever…and in the entire scheme of things we are only half-way to the finish line.

Today was the 20-week ultrasound and doctor’s appointment where we got to find out the sex among other things like the length of arms, legs, size of heart etc etc…all was well!

We made the sonographer write down the boy/girl results for us and tuck them in an envelope with plans of opening them over a nice dinner out together tonight.  I thought 6:30 would never arrive but when it did we had our very own … ‘and the winner is’ moment.  Super fun!  Especially since we both swore it was a boy so imagine our surprise when we saw written “It’s a GIRL!”.

Needless to say we are extremely happy, because deep down even though either would have been good, we both wanted a girl for some odd reason.  Below are some new glamor shots of the wee GIRL!




  1. mandysmusings says:

    I thought you wanted a boy…but maybe you were always secretly hankering for a girl. All of us do 🙂 Now you get to pick out names, the fun part!

    • midwestkids says:

      I think initially we wanted a boy but the more we thought about it we both really wanted a girl (although we never really told anyone our change of heart). Since most people thought it was a boy we just went along with it. I would be happy with either and it’s not like we have much choice in the situation anyways!

  2. Albert and I both thought you’d have a girl:)


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