Sewing update

Not much has happend around here lately.  I’m still growing…but not by much.  I still fit in regular clothes but am begining to find that some are hard to button so I’m pretty sure my days are numbered.  Luckily I have many generous friends who have donated their maternity clothes for my use, so I have a good stock to jump into.  Also scored some cheap elastic waistband cropped pants today from NY&Co which is a surprise since this isn’t a maternity store.  I guess everyone wants elastic pants and billowy tops now!

We have also been shopping for baby furniture.  Looking to find a crib and a dresser that can last 2 kids, not be gastly expensive and fit into our rather small awkwardly set up room.  I have one more store to look at before I make my decisions.  It helps we were able to score a Dutailier glider and ottoman from a neighbor for the whopping price of $175.  You can’t buy a Dutailier ottoman for that price much less the glider.   It’s not exactly the colors/wood that I would have chosen for myself but for the price it was nice enough.  Since we saved some money here maybe we can just get the furniture we want without agonizing over price.

I’ve been keeping myself plenty busy with my new sewing machine.  It helps that Royce’s weekend schedule from now til July 25th pretty much leaves me to my own entertainment.  So needless to say I’ve had a lot of time for projects.  First up, we finished the bag we made in sewing class.  I actually finished one of my own before I finished the one from class.  I think the one from class is way nicer because I used decorator fabric remnants which are sturdier than your typical cotton blends and this one has handy pockets…

And the inside lining is a nice bright orange…

Last weekend I also set out to work on purse.  Let’s just say this project kept me plenty busy for almost 2 straight days while Royce slept.  I did a lot of things wrong, had to tear out a lot of stitches, but in the end I learned and I got a great bag out of it!  I also used decorator fabric remnants for this project as well.  It too is fully lined, complete with a little zipper compartment on the inside but I didn’t want to bore you with photos.

Next up is clothes because we definitely don’t need anymore bags!  I tried my hand at this shirt last weekend but the fabric I chose was too stretchy and it didn’t turn out well.  I have bought other fabric to try but I think I’m going to wait a bit until I learn more from class before I make a second attempt.  For now I’ll keep to hemming pants…I’ve hemmed a lot of pants lately…and my next project from class which is pajama pants.


  1. Love the purse! I want one!


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