How did they know I gained a pound?

Just around the time I’m starting to get famishly hungry and had actually put on a little bit of weight that wasn’t solved by watching my salt intake…the TV starts spurting out guidelines about pregnant women and weight gain.  Sign?   How did these people know!?  Ok maybe I’m being paranoid…or maybe I’m feeling guilty about that Mexican food I had yesterday at lunch.

I guess the Institute of Medicine released new guidelines yesterday regarding the amount of weight a women should gain during her pregnancy.  I have a hard time thinking that prior to today it was a weight gain free-for-all…but anyways it was enough to grab the attention of the news outlets I listen to.  The guidelines are based on the mothers pre-pregnancy weight and depend on if you were too thin, just right or too big before you got pregnant.  Makes sense…I think in these days of on demand processed food it can be easier to pack on pounds than it was in the past.  That and since women are getting pregnant later in life we already have a few pounds packed on already compared to say…when we were 22.  And of course a healthy weight helps with a healthy baby, healthy delivery and a healthier mom so I’m all on board.

But still…it’s really hard to think that I only get on average 2.6 lbs of growth a month…25-30 lbs total.  Tell that to my growling tummy that wakes me up from a dead sleep at 3 AM.  Thank god for milk…

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