Happiest husband on the block

Ever since I got my Kitchen Aid stand mixer Royce has been dying to make his own brats.  The availability of brats here on the east coast has never been up to this Iowa boy’s standards.  We signed him up for a sausage making class through the local cooking school but it got canceled this week.  That didn’t stop Royce though!  He found a local butcher here who provided him with all the education and goods that he needed to successfully make his own sausages.  I came home for lunch after the NIH to this:


A kitchen that resembled more butcher shop than kitchen.  Kinda gross for a pregnant lady but Royce was oh-so-happy.   The first round wasn’t bad…the free sausage that the butcher lady gave him was definitely more spot-on for brat taste than our homemade attempt but I’m sure with some practice and maybe some more schmoozing with this sausage-lady he will find the perfect recipe too.

On the healthier side I’m pretty excited to pick up our first CSA delivery tomorrow.  What is a CSA you ask…read about it here and find your own to participate in if you like!  We ordered a half-share from a local farm up in PA and they conveniently deliver it to the local farmers market on Saturday mornings.  It’s still very early in the growing season but a sneak peek at our box this week has all sorts of goodies.  Mostly leafy greens for salads, potatoes and broccoli.  All things this baby needs a hell of a lot more than sausage!

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