Dreams gone wild

So I had this dream the other night that was really weird and sort of based on my dairy addiction.  First, some background.  I love LOVE Dairy Queen ice cream.  Favorite as a child was a Blizzard (M&M or Snickers) but as an adult I’ve had to trim down the calories and typically now I just go for a Dip-cone (Vanilla dipped in chocolate).  There aren’t many DQ’s around here…most are in malls (lame) or too far away in bad traffic laden areas to warrant even an occasional visit.  This is very unlike what I was used to growing up where I can remember distinctly going to DQ with Dad to get ice cream at least on a semi-regular basis…not to mention the one within walking distance of Royce’s place when he lived in Iowa.  Now I’m just limited to scoping out DQ’s on highway signs when we take road trips.  It’s always a delicate balance when I see one on a “Food: NEXT EXIT” sign…do I wait and tempt fate that there will be another coming up?  or do I pull over and satisfy the craving ASAP.  It can be a hard choice.  One time I got burned…I drove buy and didn’t see another DQ sign again…sniff sniff.

So the dream…  Typical to most dreams this had an odd cast of characters.  The ones I can remember are my piano teacher (who also brought a dog), Charlie, Royce and John Meyers (kid from elementary school…don’t ask).  We were all crammed into a car driving somewhere looking for food.  I remember seeing a DQ but I didn’t say anything, so we ended up at another restaurant that sucked and was expensive so we all decided to walk to the DQ (this is a different one btw) which was closed.  I was so pissed!  We piled back into the car because I told them I remembered seeing one on our way…so we retraced our steps and found the other DQ.  This one was closed too…but someone forgot to lock the door…so of course we broke in.  This is when it turns from dream into nightmare…everything…all fridges and freezers were filled with vegetables!  The horror!  For some reason my piano teacher and John started making salads (boo!) but I kept scrounging….there had to be ice cream somewhere!   All the machines were empty.  I had finally decided to settle for something from the freezer case…maybe an ice cream cake or a Dilly Bar… but those were all gone too.  Then I woke up.

Let’s just say I can’t WAIT to be back in KC in a few weeks to go to a DQ…hopefully this one won’t be filled with vegetables.


  1. mandysmusings says:

    Get used to crazy dreams…I had a ton of them during pregnancy. And one very weird one right before I went back to work. I chalk it up to hormones.

    Oh, and I’m with you on DQ. We lived by one when I was a kid (at 4th and Douglas), and I always got the chocolate dipped cone. Fond memories.

  2. I think you can safely assume that you won’t find vegetables anywhere near a real DQ:) My favorite was always the Oreo blizzard. That does sound really good. Maybe I’ll go get one this afternoon…

  3. I didn’t go yesterday, I was at the office until 6 trying to put out a few last fires before I go on leave. I’m planning to leave early today though so I might drag Albert with me. He thinks DQ is gross, though — what does he know?

    • midwestkids says:

      Yeah obviously something is wrong with him. He should just stick to the ice cream products…the food products are a bit sketch.


  1. […] the other day that was extremely stressful in the moment…not exactly relaxing slumber.  My DQ dream I had with my first pregnancy was way better in my […]

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