New glamour shots

I had another ultrasound for some screenings on Monday.  Had a nice high-def viewing screen to ga-ga at the baby while the lady rubbed my belly which would have been relaxing had it not been for my very full uncomfortable bladder.  This little guy was a stubborn at first (go figure), it was sleeping so soundly the ultrasound tech had to wake it up so that she could get the right measurements.  Once it was awake it was doing all sorts of fliptastics.  Was pretty cool to see.  Oh and I also got to hear and see the heart beat!  This all was very comforting in a way because since I’m not showing and I have no typical side effects…I was beginning to wonder if this entire thing was a fluke (and if it was I would be pissed I didn’t get to enjoy more wine in Paris).

Although half the time I had no idea what she was looking at, these souvenir pics she gave me do make some sense.  The first one should be self explanatory.  This little guy enjoys waving his hands that is for sure!  The second one took me a while to see it but from my untrained eye that looks like the bottom of a foot that attach to a very segmented looking leg.  Make of it what you want until the next photo shoot!



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