Home sweet home.

We arrived home around 5ish yesterday and I sure am glad I have a day (today) to rejuvenate before heading back to work tomorrow.  We of course woke up stupid early this morning (5 AM) so we got more done today by 11:00 than most people do in an entire day.  Now all that is left is to try to stay awake until a proper bedtime.

I felt pretty good the entire time we were gone.  I was exhausted when we got to Switzerland but I think that had to do with the 3 packed (and nap free) days in Paris and the phenergan I had to take on the train to get rid of some nausea.  Although the 4 hour train ride from Paris to Bern was about 10 times more comfortable than a plane I couldn’t sleep because when I laid down the motion of the train sent me into a nauseous fit.  Sitting up and staring out the window sideways didn’t help much either.  Luckily our time in Switzerland allowed for some proper naps.

The baby seemed to really enjoy my favorite Paris foods…bread, cheese, french onion soup, crepes.  I had a hard time at dinners deciding what to eat due to my poor evening appetite issues.  I mostly stuck with french onion soup and frites while picking off other peoples plates.  Same thing in Switzerland.  None of the plates of sausage sounded quite right until they came out… so I stuck with a soup or salad and settled on eating some of Royce’s dinner too.  I didn’t have one satisfying milk shake the entire time I was there.  Switzerland’s definition of a milk shake is more like chocolate milk…although they did have great ice cream and chocolate to make up for it.  In Paris I was afraid of the milk…they all drink this strange UHT milk that doesn’t need refrigerated and has a shelf life that is way to long for milk to have.  Putting a splash in my coffee as enough for me and I stopped at that.

Everything went fantasictally well and we didn’t suffer from the “I wish we would have left yesterday” syndrome which we tend to get during extended vacations.  I think this is due to the fact that we were surrounded by mutliple friends and family that kept things lively and interesting.  We also didn’t pack our days with stuff but still had things left to do…a good balance.  Now it is back to reality!

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