Paris Days 1-3

We arrived in Paris early Saturday morning and after a short nap pushed through the day.  Our itinerary was light but we did a lot of walking.  We went over to Montmartre and completed the trusty walking tour provided courtesy of Rick Steves’ (his guides are the best for the free tours to the hot spots).  Up and down the narrow windy streets from the Sacre-Couer to the Moulin Rouge we trekked and then we headed back home.  

Sunday was spent at Versailles.  Christine toured the mansion while we just stuck to the Gardens (we did the mansion back in 2004).  I had high hopes that the Gardens would be bursting with blooms but alas…they were not.  You could tell they may have been somewhere between spring and summer as trenches had been dug but no flowers were in place.  It looked very similar to our Nov 2004 trip except the grass was greener and the fountains were on (but we of course had to wait a good hour to see that).  

Today was “lets not find what we want” day.  I had 3 missions today:  baby clothes, a worthy crepe, and a cheese shop.  Seems like we walked over 5 miles and we never walked by a single cheese shop.  I did find a worthy crepe (at last!) and the baby clothes we found too but I really wanted a boutique not The Bon Marche.  Beggars can’t be choosers and the stuff I got was cute…and of course after we walked by 2 perfect boutiques.  It was just one of those days.

We head to Switzerland tomorrow…

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