Europe bound

We leave this evening for our Europe trip.  4 days in Paris and 4 in Interlaken Switzerland!  My friend Christine is coming into Paris from London and we are staying with our old neighbor Jocelyn.  I’m looking forward to a relaxing time.  This is our second time to Paris so I just want to meander, eat and click some photos.  It’s a holiday weekend there (May Day and Labor Day) so most everyone is getting a 4 day weekend.  We will see how crazy the city is when we arrive.  Europeans take vacation very seriously so I will not be surprised if a lot of stuff (shops, restaurants) are closed.  Luckily we have already “been there done that” with all the museums so we probably won’t be joining the masses for that daily ritual.

Paris won’t quite be the same since I won’t be able to enjoy the afternoon wine breaks or indulge in the majority of their cheeses.  I think I found a decent list from a European pregnancy site of cheeses that are safe to eat.  Unlike the US, most cheese in France is made from unpasteurized milk.  This is even more of a problem when that cheese is soft and moldy.  Luckily I’m  not a big fan of soft moldy cheese and all the stuff I love is still OK to consume (according to the website).  Other than reading that pregnant women aren’t supposed to take the Metro (have no idea why) or eat salads (again…a mystery) the cheese debate is about the only one I can find.  I’ve also read that most cheese shops are more than helpful to find things that are safe for me to eat!  And of course all bread is fair game.  I wonder if they have milkshakes in Paris?

We are meeting Royce’s family in Switzerland.  A full itinerary awaits us there.  Between old family farm visits, and mountain climbing I’m sure we will stay busy.

Of course you can’t think of travel these days without wondering about the H1N1 Type A flu that according to the media is the flu of all flu’s that we all are doing to die of (sigh).  I’m not sure there are many cases in France and probably none in rural Switzerland.  We will be taking general precautions on the flight over as that is where I see the highest risk for infection.  Luckily we have a direct flight so we don’t have to get off a plane and swap germs with people in London or Madrid.  Royce also stole some masks from the ER so if anyone boarding the plan or sitting near us looks to be remotely hacky I’ll gladly wear mine during the flight.  A small price to pay…probably wouldn’t be so cautious if I wasn’t pregnant.  None of the drugs they are using to treat this flu are recommended to pregnant woman.

I maybe able to update during the trip so stay tuned!

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