When to tell work?

Looks like the promotion positions won’t be known til June which means I will probably have to spill the beans to the bosses at work before they make a decision.  Not the most ideal path I had imagined, but I guess I’ll run with it.  I was hoping all would be decided on the job front when I returned from Europe.  Now I have to decide if I want to wait until I start showing, or if I just want to get it over with sooner…and hope it doesn’t influence the promotion potential (although by all legal matters it sure as hell better not!).

And then there is how.  Do I just walk in to my bosses office and tell him Royce knocked me up?


  1. I think I told the partners I work for at about 13 weeks. I wasn’t showing yet, but decided to just get it over with. And I did walk in there and and just tell them hey, I’m pregnant, due in May. Everyone was cool about it. At least you only have to tell one person (I hope). I had to make the rounds to about 10-12 different people to tell them. That’s the thing about working in a law firm — just about everyone is my boss!

    • midwestkids says:

      Yeah, I think 13 weeks is when I’ll tell. Last time my boss (he is o’ so classy) found out a girl we work with was pregnant with her second child I think the words “horney” and “goat” were used in the same sentence. Not looking forward to this announcement …to him at least.

  2. Very classy.

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