How are you feeling?

“How are you feeling?” is the most common question I get (next to due date) once someone finds out we are pregnant.  So far according to my friends who have experienced this event called pregnancy I am ‘lucky’ and maybe even hated.

My reactions so far to this body altering experience have been nothing short of minor.  Actually if it wasn’t for my the increased painful growth in my already large boobs I would probably have not even known I was pregnant.  They have reached a level of ridiculousness that is proving hard to cope with at bedtime and when awake.  Sleeping is painful, shirts don’t fit, bras don’t fit, distracted coworkers tend to stare more than they did before.  I try to keep stuff PG as much as possible but gym clothes are proving difficult to accommodate.  I’m sure by the end of this they will be nothing short of circus sized so this should be good times.  I have no idea what side of the family ‘blessed’ me with this trait, but I sure hope if this kid is a girl they get a pass on this piece of genetic code.  After all they interfere with the golf game and that just isn’t a fair advantage!

There was a couple of weeks in there where I really thought I would die of sleep.  The clock would strike 2 at work and I would be desperate to think of ways to keep myself in an upright position because the corner under my desk was looking super comfy.  One weekend I took 3 naps in one day.  Yes I said 3…and I think the first one was at 10 AM.  It was fan-tas-tic!  Granted some of those naps were to rest my back.  I’ve had some wicked upper back pain that is even stumping the doctor.  I’m blaming the porn-star boobs combined with stress (that can’t be relieved by a relaxing glass of wine).  The pain just laughs at Tylenol and no massage therapist or chiropractor will touch me til 12 weeks.  So I keep pushing through but have to lay down most evenings to be released from the pain and then I conveniently fall asleep.

Outside of some evening food aversions and getting up each night at least 3 times to pee…I’ve had it pretty easy.  I sure hope my body isn’t holding all the crazy crap in to be unleasehed during our week in Europe.  I’m crossing my fingers that I just sail past all the common first trimester adverse reactions and come out on the other side in one healthy piece.

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