You knew this post was coming…

This past month I’ve realized that sobriety is a bit over rated.  I’ve been trying to channel all those people I know who don’t enjoy a glass of wine on a semi daily basis…but I’m starting to find out that I don’t have a lot in common with them.  Baffles me that if you could drink…you would chose not to.  Or maybe I have a problem.  Or maybe the people I work with can be that annoying on certain occasions to push one to come home and quickly poor a glass of wine.  All I have to say is sitting on the deck with a frosty beer on a Friday afternoon is way more enticing than sitting on the deck with a glass of water.  B-o-r-i-n-g.

I have discovered some decent non-alcoholic beers that are good ‘stand ins’ for those days when I just want something cold and frothy (but the NA ones are lacking the froth that I’m used to).  I have yet to find a NA wine that doesn’t taste like poo.  Most are so sweet my eyes roll to the back of my head.  I typically end up mixing the wine with some fizzy water and that makes it a bit more palatable.  Which brings me to fizzy water…I drink tons of it.  Flavored, plain, whatever I can get my hands on.  I think the fizz makes me feel like maybe just maybe what is in my cup is a gin and tonic and not seltzer with a splash of lime.  Trader Joe’s sells some pretty tasty Italian Sodas that I dilute with fizzy water to cut the calories.  I’m sure once summer is upon us lemonade and tea will be my new drink of choice.  I’ve even rediscovered the bliss of a Shirley Temple when dining out.  I even get about as excited as I did when I was a kid when they remember to give me cherries (at least 2 please…1 isn’t enough!).

This is really the only ‘bad habit’ I’m giving up so I’m sure I’ll survive (ahem not that I consider a daily cocktail ‘bad’ for a non-pregnant women).  But I sure do miss it (and I’m secure enough in my semi-addicted wine self to confess it even though most of you probably think I’m pathetic). Whats my other ‘bad habit’ you ask?  Coffee.  And don’t even tell me to give that up or I’ll bite your head off.  It’s hard enough going to work knowing that I can’t come home to a glass of wine after those people torture me all day…but to suggest I start my day without my barely 2 cups of coffee (diluted with milk) is just crazy talk I say!


  1. My favorite non-alcoholic beer is the O’Doul’s Amber. Most of the other ones are really gross. Guinness makes one called Kaliber, and I’ll save you the trouble — it’s disgusting. Tastes like black licorice. So if you like licorice, you might like it.

  2. midwestkids says:

    Oh! One I haven’t tried! I think I have Kaliber in the fridge…didn’t find the hit of licorice so maybe it’s a different breed b/c I HATE black licorice. Royce has to go stock me up again so I’ll put O’Doul’s Amber on the list!

  3. May also just be that my taste buds are ultra sensitive. That has been my curse ever since I got pregnant — all flavors are incredibly strong. That may not sound so bad, but you have no idea how many flavors are left in your mouth after a day until you’re hypersensitive too it. It’s kind of gross actually. Glad that you’re taking advantage of your alcohol alternatives. Let me tell you, 9 months of water gets really really old. I already have my bottle of wine picked out for my indulgence in about 4 weeks. Can’t wait!!

  4. mandysmusings says:

    Don’t you let anyone worry you about your caffeine intake. I drank one or two chai tea lattes and sodas a day while pregnant, and my boy turned out just fine. As long as you’re not guzzling the stuff, you should be fine. 🙂

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