East-coast offspring!

Yes we are expecting!

We found out a few weeks ago and let me tell you the hardest part is keeping our mouths shut.  Tomorrow is the first OB visit and confirmatory sonogram, after which we will spill the beans to the family.  Mum is the word at work until 1) I start showing or 2) the job I’m applying for has been decided on…which ever comes first (I hope #2 comes first).  Up until now though it’s been quite depressing trying to keep quiet.  I’m not really known as a teetotaler so skipping happy hour invitations seems to be the easiest way to avoid direct “what are you, pregnant?” questions when I pass on even the first glass of wine.  I’m not known as the worlds best lair either…especially when I have to think on my toes.  The worst was a wedding we went to last weekend which didn’t have any nonalcoholic choices short of soda’s…not even a lime or lemon to be found to make a fake cocktail.   So I’ve found that it’s just easiest to hermit up and stick to myself which is causing me to have a crick in my neck and is slowly leading to non-alcohol induced depression.  I’m hopeful that it will all end when we tell the families tomorrow.  At least someone else can be excited with us cause Charlie really isn’t that excited.

This blog address will be our new home from now on so bookmark away.  I didn’t want to start a dedicated ‘baby blog’ because I knew Midwestkids would die off since I’m sure our major house projects will be slowing down now that this other ‘project’ will be taking up some of our time.

So Midwestkids has a new member…east-coast offspring!  I can definitely promise lots of posts in the near future.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you – can’t wait to meet the new “Bullock-Burns” 🙂 ~xoxo

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