Yes we are still here…

I have a new distraction…can you blame me for the lack of posts?  We have been cooking and enjoying our kitchen a lot since my last update almost a month ago.  Mom said she is tired of reading about our backsplash so I figured I better get back into the swing of things. 

I finally acquired a kitchen aid stand mixer.  She (yes I named it) is lovely and so far every weekend since her birth I’ve made an assortment of things.  Right now my infatuation is with bread.  The challenge of getting this yeast stuff to work is very addicting.  So far I have made rosemary focaccia, pita bread, french baguettes and pretzels.  All have turned out OK…each better than the last.  I think I’m going to re-try the focaccia this weekend.  Now that I have a little more experience, hopefully it will rise like it is supposed too.  I’ve also made my share of cake balls and last weekend I tried my first recipe of many for the perfect carrot cake.  We had carrot cake at our wedding and it is by far my favorite ‘take to a desert island’ dessert.  The recipe I used was from King Arthur Flour and although the exact recipe isn’t online this one is similar.  Next up a recipe from Gourmet that was given to me thanks to an NIH co-worker.  Speaking of co-workers they have been the recipients of all these fruits of my labor…thank goodness because without them I would be 10 lbs heavier.

We have gone outside this past month…over the holiday weekend we went to see a couple of exhibits at the art museums here.  I heard about The Americans on NPR and while we were downtown we noticed adds for Feature Photography at the Portrait Gallery.

That’s about the extent of our excitement.  Trying to save some money to get our savings back to the level it needs to be after the kitchen remodel so things have been very low-key.  Seems like everyone (OK 3 friends) are pregnant and expecting this year so hopefully this summer/fall we can get out of DC and back to the Midwest to see these new babies.  I also just booked our plane tickets for the Burns family Switzerland vacation in May.  We will also be stopping in Paris for a long weekend.  Staying with an old neighbor and Christine is going to meet us there from London.  Very excited!  I started brushing up on my French a bit last night on my long walk.

We are both ready for spring but this weeks snow was fun too.  Will be nice to get out and plant some flowers in the front.  Everything feels and looks so drab right now.  Doesn’t help that the deer are feasting on our new bushes…poor little guys…they look so pathetic.  I need to read up on what to do because they really haven’t grown much since we planted them over a year ago.  I’m sure the deer munching doesn’t help.  Royce bought some spray for them…I guess it smelled horrible…made him gag…mental note to not spray that stuff on windy days.

Newsy post is over…I will try to be more diligent at keeping up with the posts.  It’s just hard to compete with the excitement of a new kitchen.


  1. I have a recipe for a supposedly perfect carrot cake from Cooks Illustrated that I can give you if you’d like. I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but their recipes are usually awesome.

    How are things looking on the baby front for you guys? Haven’t heard anything in awhile. I really will take some pictures one of these days. This last month I was working constantly but I had a big case just settle so things are a little slower right now. And then Crystal’s coming next month to take some maternity photos for me, so I’ll be sure to share those:)

    • Yeah it sucks I can’t come out next week. Stupid conference messed up my schedule. Making babies is harder than some people make it out to be…will keep you posted though. Dave and Angela are expecting twin girls in July I think. Can’t wait for the photos!

    • Oh and yes please pass on that cooks recipe!

      • I’ll grab it for you tonight.

        Twin, huh? I think one is scary enough! After having gone through the whole conception process, it amazes me how some women seem to get pregnant just by looking at a guy! It’s just not fair!

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