Kitchen – Backsplash

Dave came over to put up our backsplash on Thursday.  I heard it was a pain in the ass to deal with (the tile, not me). 

We went with glass tile which is all the rage these days for kitchens and bathrooms and mantels and lots of other places you can think of to stick tile.  Check it out…it can get pretty insane.  When I first saw my tile (at HomeExpo of all places when we were looking for the floor) I fell in love.  The colors were perfect, they blended in the cabinets to our dining room.  It was subdude but it poped.  It just fit (even the snobby lady at Architectural Ceramics agreed with me).

Oceanside Glass tile – Tessera Collection – Mosaic Blend – Color:  Enchantment

It's pretty right?  The standard 1 x 1 pattern wasn't doing it for me though…I liked the variability of the random modular pattern (example below).  I guess installing this pattern was a lot harder than the standard 1×1 becuase of the way they ship the sheets…Sorry Dave! 

In the end I still think it is lovely.  These photos were taken during grout prep.

And this is a random photo of Charlie with his creepy rat like hair cut.  This is what happens when you go too long between trims…they have to cut him really short to get the mats out of his hair.  Poor Charlie.  He does blend in nicely with our new kitchen though

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