Kitchen projection

Contractor Dave (I really gotta get a picture of him!) was over yesterday doing small things to the kitchen.  The range hood went in, and he put in the over-sink lights and under-cabinet lights.  Which got me thinking there are A LOT of small things in addition to big things.  As to the big things that are left, I guess electrical should be finished on Monday, Counter-top man is coming Tuesday (when we will be attempting to drive back from WV) which means that a week from Tuesday (the 27th) our counter-tops will be installed.  Then Wednesday, Paul the Plumber is coming to hook up the sink, range and fridge. 

So our first projection is that we will have a functional working kitchen by Wednesday Jan 28th.  That means this entire process only took 23 days if everything goes right.  And here I was preparing for 4-6 weeks of no-kitchen.  We still have a lot of frozen meals to eat!  The only problems I see for thwarting our success are if the counter-top people don’t keep their appointments, or if Paul the Plumber has an emergency plumbing thing to attend to.  Of course there is still many finishing touches that need to be done like the floor…backsplash…window.  I’m sure Dave has those somewhere in his schedule. 

In other news, Royce found our backsplash for $12 cheaper (than other tile stores in the area) at HomeExpo of all places.  And its scheduled to only take 2 weeks to arrive (compared to 4-8 weeks from the tile stores) and they ship it directly to us.  I guess it pays to shop around…and include all those places you never thought would be cheaper.  I’m not a fan of big-box stores but when we are talking about saving upwards of $500 on tile I’ll happily spend my $$ there.

Next thing for me to figure out…knobs.  And geez there are a lot to consider!

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