It is all leading up to Tuesday

I’m impressed with the progress on the kitchen.  This may actually get done (expect the back-splash) in a month.  We decided on a back-splash today and I’m guessing it will take 4-8 weeks to arrive once we put in the order, which we haven’t done yet…shopping around for prices. Glass tile is $$$!  Who knew?  Also faucets…gee-maney you can spend a lot if you want to!  I was like seriously $800-1000 for a stinkin faucet?  I think not!  And off to the Great Indoors we went and found a nice mid-range Moean for a steal…and if I don’t like it in 5 years I won’t feel guilty about replacing something that cost $199.  You may have gathered today was a busy day.  We completed shopping for the back-splash, the countertop and the faucet.  None have good internet links so you will just have to wait for the final pictures.

Up until today Dave has been busy demoloshing and building.  Friday the electrical people were over and I sure and glad I was home becuase these guys had no idea what all the switches went to.  It’s also helpful becuase now I know I got my plugs where I want them.  Was quite annoying working from home in the dark though.  I think Dave will start spackling drywall on Monday…which means more dust will be in our near future when he starts sanding.

Tuesday is the plumber, the arrival of the stove and cabinets and the completion of the electrical work.  It will be a busy day at casa Burns.  Can’t wait!


  1. Hi, I came across your blog via I live in a different part of Silver Spring and I’ve been admiring the progress on your house. We are finally getting somewhere with ours as well. It’s exciting! Your kitchen plans look excellent.

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