Kitchen Day 1 & 2

First of all…you gotta give our guy credit for his thoughtfulness to keep our house relatively clean. Check out this set up he made in the archway between the dining and living room.  He fashioned a door (which Royce and I are joking is the only door in the house that opens and closes properly) and sealed the area with plastic.  Its like this creepy bubble passage way. 

He got all the counter-tops and cabinets out on Day 1.  I’m not feeling sentimental anymore now that everything is gone.

Day 2 was the wall and bulkhead removal.  The messiest job next to dry walling and I have to say there is not much dust anywhere in the house except in the sealed bubble.

And for those of you who are wondering how we are surviving w/o a kitchen (considering we cook every night)…I fashioned a makeshift area in the laundry room.  The important staples are present (coffee maker, microwave) and we also got a toaster oven from a neighbor and the camping stove is on stand by if needed.  It actually is not that bad.  I was able to make my lunch-salad yesterday with no problems.  I also froze a lot of food the over the past months (lasagna, enchiladas, soups, meatballs) so that we can hopefully avoid eating out each night which comes with its downfalls for both our waistline and our pocketbook. 

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