The task

The task at hand for me this weekend is to clean out the kitchen while Royce works.  In comparison to packing up the entire house, just packing 1 room should be simple right?  Ugh.  So not. 

I started with the pantry yesterday…moved it all downstairs to our ‘makeshift’ pantry across from the washer.  We had these storage shelves that really never had a purpose…until now!  This task took longer than I thought it would and required lots of trips up and down the stairs.  My new HyVee grocery bags sure did help though (thanks MOM!). 

Now all that is left is the rest of the kitchen (21 cabinets and drawers) full of dishes, spices, pots & pans.  I took it as a complement a couple of weeks ago when my Jen my old neighbor/friend/serious foodie was visiting  complemented me on my spice selection… "NO one has that many spices but ME!"…however now, looking at trying to move/pack all those things I’m not so impressed with myself.  They take up an entire corner cabinet lazy-susan style. 

To add to the stress I keep having these renovation stress attacks.  Is getting rid of the wall a good idea?  Is the floor color OK?  Will I like the new set up?  Did I forget anything?    I’ve never had problems with previous renovations and I think it may be due to the fact that the rooms we have renovated/gutted I had a deep loathing already established.  Our master bathroom vanity could barely hold a toothbrush and the sink was this Alice in Wonderland Miniature sized thing…and the brown toilet..enough said.  The basement…went from bad, to worse, to just plain dangerous within a year.  The kitchen, although ugly, is extremely functional and larger than 90% of the kitchens in this neighborhood.  My only complaint is the height of the cabinets (they are mounted so low we can’t even fit our coffee maker under them), the size of the double oven, and the fact that you have to open up both cabinet doors to get anything from inside.

There is no turning back now though.  Demo begins on Monday.

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