Holiday update

We are gearing up for the holidays here, and when we get back from Kansas City we have one more week before the kitchen will start.  I’m not to trilled to pack everything up in that room.  It seems really daunting for some reason.  We got our floor last week from Lumber Liquidators.  We were looking at another store when a customer came up and told us everything was about $7 cheaper at Lumber Liquidators.  I’m glad we got the tip off cause cork is expensive!  We ended up with a nice dark chocolate-like cork.  I’m not sure if I’m going to like the dark floor with the dark cabinets but for $500 we will try it out and if I hate it…in a couple of years we can redo it.  Maybe it will all come together once we get the counter-tops picked out.  A couple of our friends have cork floors and they are far from whats probably in your mind (quit picturing a cork board!).  First, it can come in all sorts of colors and patterns.  And secondly it’s hard…way more dense than a cork board…but soft all at the same time.  The thing I love is that it is smooth.  Once coated with polyurethane it’s just one smooth surface…no divots or cracks for gunk to get stuck.  I have high hopes that this will be a hell of a lot easier to clean than linoleum… which to me, no matter how hard you scrub on your hands and knees, NEVER comes clean.

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