RIP old washer

Royce and I recently practiced our right at home appliance euthanasia.  Although our washer wasn’t dead we decided it should be and so on Black Friday we went out to find it’s replacement.  I had tagged our old washer as being from the 1970’s.  It looked and smelled old and it did things like pee all over our basement which you would expect from old things.  Imagine my surprise when I see this guy was purchased in 1994.  I was truly excited about the size of this monster when we moved in.  Coming from apartments with stackable units laundry day took a while because you had to do so many small loads.  This one was ‘extra capacity’ which to Royce meant “stuff all your laundry in at once”.  It was a nice feature but it used a lot of water (as we found out in the a fore mentioned basement flood).  I always joked that when we did our laundry the lights in DC would dim a bit.

In the end we decided to get a newfangeled front loader from a company that I thought only made cell phones.  Research showed that LG had ranked in the top for the past 2 years for washers so we hedged our bets.  Its pretty cool…it is really high tech and even makes little computer noises and sings when it is done.  My favorite feature so far is that after a couple of tumbles it decides how much water it needs.  Our old model left that up to the humans and one human in our house was known to wash very small loads with the “extra high” water setting.

According to the energy guide label our new fancy macine will only cost us $10-15 a year to run…in comparison the energy guide label from the old one…a whopping $136 to run.  I can’t even imagine how much water we are saving.


  1. New washers rock. That may be my favorite thing about our new kitchen.

    • So today I was stripping beds just so I could do laundry. Last night we sat and watched the first load in awe. Technology is amazing. It’s also nice to have clean clothes again!

      • How did Charlie like it? Paco sat and stared in fascination at the washer for its entire first load. He just couldn’t figure out all those new noises.

        • Funny you ask. We keep a bag of raw hides in the laundry room so each time we go in there Charlie sits and stares at the bag…like he can will it open if he just sits still enough. So although the washing machine was exciting for us, nothing could tear Charlies eyes off his bag bone.

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