We recently returned from our last big vacation of the year.  Royce attended a ER medical education conference in the Bahamas which just happened to be at Atlantis on Paradise Island.   Our overall review of the resort was that it was expensive…they nickle and dime you to death.  I guess we are just used to all inclusive beachy vacations or frugal EU vacations.  Either way I really wished I had packed more than a box of wine and whiskey.  Next time I’m adding bread and PB & J to my list.  Food was very expensive…as were drinks…but we finally figured out if we went to the casino and gambeled we could drink for free.  As for the food I just woke up each morning and walked with Royce to his conference to partake in the free coffee and breakfast (I wasn’t the only one who did that) to avoid at least one meal expense. 

It was a beautiful place though.  Waking up early gave me the chance to explore and photograph while Royce was learning.  We had a day off together which happend to be one of the best days out there (no wind with our side of sun) so we spent it going down all the amazing water slides they had.  It was 2 hours of pure childhood bliss.  Our final recomendation is that if you have the $$ this is a great family vacation cause it is stupid easy to get to and it is huge…like DisneyLand with sharks and water.  There are so many pools and things for kids, not to mention places for you to drop them off and forget’em.  I don’t know if we will return, but if we do I can’t wait to go down those slides again! 

Photos are below…just click the picture.

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