We are back…and we brought some water with us.

Our vacation was wonderful.  Until about 11:30 AM today when out of airport boredom I looked at my cell phone and said "why did Ed (our neighbor) call me and leave a message?". 

I was hoping for a message where he invited himself over to watch football or something less…malignant than mentioning that water was shooting from the outdoor spigot this morning when he left the house to rake leaves.  I guess a series of events ensued where he called the water people to have them turn off our water before he realized he had a key to our house and he would go do it himself.  When he got to the basement to turn off the water supply, the excess water had started to seep in through the foundation.  So our neighbors had a fun morning of shopvac’ing and mopping water in order to keep it from getting to the finished basement section.  

I got bits and pieces of this from him when I called him back and was able to direct him to where we hide our towels.  But I had no idea of the how the damage was caused (I expected a burst pipe) or the extent of damage or water seepage, all I knew was (1) that there was water in the basement, (2) we were getting ready to board a plane and (3) I hadn’t eaten breakfast and the Bahamas airport is nothing short of a food prison.  Lets just say that was the longest 2 hour flight of my life.  During that 2 hours my basement was filled to chest high water and everything from our beer fridge to my computer to my wedding keepsake box was a soggy mess.  Imaginations suck.

So this can be added as the Spigot Spastics of November ’08 which makes for a whopping four basement water happenings for us in our mere 2 years at Pierce Drive let me refresh your memory: Furnace Meltdown of July ’07, Toilet Leak of May ’07, & the Washing Machine Flood of January ’07.  I guess you could say we don’t mix well with basements and water.

When we returned to the home and braced ourselves for the worst we walked in and realized they had done a wonderful job of containing the water.  None of it made it to the finished part thanks to thier actions.  I am eternally grateful and owe them more than I could possibly give them.  But as I sit here thinking how lukcy we were that they were around and acted on it,  I new I would do the exact same for any of them cause that’s what neighbors do. 

Oh and the next time we go on vacation I’m turning our water off.

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