Good movie season

The holiday season always seems to bring out some good flicks.  I was surprised last night when Royce shoved the Sunday Source section in my face and said  "Look…SlumDog Millionaire".  I was like "wah"?  Then took a second to read it and figured out that one of my favorite books has been turned into a movie.  I’m not sure where that movie name came from as the book was titled "Q & A" but this is defeintely based on the book.  The trailer looks like it follows the story pretty well, and even gives a good feeling of suspense.  I’m also impressed with the many film festival awards. 

I of course recomend you read the book first…it’s a fast read and a whimsy of a story.  Hopefully the movie makers won’t turn it into a boriing interpretation like they did The Namesake.

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