Turkey Burgers & Banana Walnut Pancakes

My friend Amanda and her husband James are visiting this weekend from KC.  They will be moving (hopefully to our neighborhood!) at the end of the month.  After they looked at a few rental homes yesterday we feasted on Amanda’s famous turkey burger concoction.  We made these when she was living here a while back.  At first I was a bit leary…putting cranberry sauce on a burger seemed weird but with a turkey burger the flavors complement very well. 

And then this morning I tried out banana walnut pancakes on them.  So far so good.  It’s fun hosting a pregnant woman because she will eat anything!  : D  Just teasing Amanda.  Tonight it is mussels and frites at Mannequin Pis!

Turkey Burgers – Cheese stuffed
Ground Turkey (Approx 4-5 oz of meat per person)
Montreal Steak Seasoning
Parsley Flakes
Cheese – Cheddar or Brie cut into thin slices.
Canned cranberry sauce or lingonberry preserves

Mix the turkey, steak seasoning, and spices together well in a small bowl.  Form half of a patty then place cheese on patty half and then cover with remaining turkey (this puts the cheese in the middle of the patty).  Grill like any burger.  Top with slices of cranberry sauce or preserves. 

Banana Walnut Pancakes
Use your regular pancake mix or make your mix from scratch.  Using at least 2 ripe bananas mash them well in a bowl and mix in with your batter.  Add walnuts to batter.  Cook like you would your regular pancakes. 

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