Kitchen Decisions

We are well on our way to getting started on the kitchen.  We met with the designer to go over the specs on Wednesday.  We changed a few things with the doors/drawer lay out keeping in mind how I cook.  Hopefully I’ll get the final drawings this week and we can get them ordered so that Dave can start demo while we are in the Bahamas.

I’ll upload the drawings when they are complete.  But for now we have decided on this door style and the finish will be in sable.

Making all these decisions is hard…a kitchen is a big deal…we spend a lot of time in there and I don’t plan on renovating it again anytime soon.  Needless to say there is a lot of pressure to make it ‘just right’.  Since we are getting rid of a wall it’s not as simple as just updating our current configuration (which I like).  Cabinets are being moved, drawers that I’m used to are disappearing.  Ovens are going from 2 sorta big ones, to 1 really big and 1 really small.   I catch myself wondering in the middle of my work day where I’m going to store my cookie sheets since I’m loosing my shallow below the oven drawer.  Or where I’m going to put Charlies dog food!

Let’s just say I’ll be glad in a couple of months when this is all over! 

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