I’ve got an idea…

Royce and I fall in this gray tax bracket zone where we wouldn’t qualify for any of Obama’s ‘tax cuts’, nor are we ‘rich’ enough to get any attention by McCain’s policy.  So no matter what happens in November we are screwed tax wise so we chose to vote on other polices but that is a different post.

What is really bothering me right now is all of this bailing out.  The front of the Washington post today was "Look at the house you and Freddie own".  And I said "I don’t like that house"…and I really didn’t…it looked like crap.  Which got me started on this rant.  I’m tired of being responsible for people who aren’t responsible.  This goes to the most recent financial issues our country has created for itself, but also has been a big rant of mine for years of being a pharmacist and seeing the people living off the medicaid system pulling up in the drive-through pick up window in a BMW. 

So here is an idea.  Why don’t we reward the people who make good financial decisions?  I’m tired of bailing out the idiots with no insurance, no retirement, and no savings.  How come the only people I impress with our good finances and old plain cars are bad financial planners and my parents?  It wouldn’t be too much to ask to give small rewards at tax time to those of us who contribute the maximum to retirement.  Or those of us who don’t carry a credit card balance.  Or those who actually…i donno…own a house and cars that they can afford!  Maybe if the government stepped in and said people like us could get more money by being financially responsible more people would be willing to live within their means.

Don’t even get me started on the insanity of McCain’s health care proposal.  After what has happened recently do you really think if you gave every family $$ to go out and purchase their own health care that they will?  Hell no…they will take that $$ and go buy something they don’t need and then we will still have the same problem…tons of people under insured but still driving luxury vehicles. 

OK rant over…next post will be about something house related I promise.



  1. Hear, hear! James and I were just ranting the other day about how annoying the bail out seems, and how unfair it is for the fiscally responsible to aid the economically retarded and/or corrupt. We think it makes much more sense for the government to buy up all the faulty mortgages, rework the terms, and have those people owe the government instead of the banks. An essentially blank check to the banks seems a bit dicey to us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your proposed tax incentive

    Brilliant idea! Of course, I’m biased because I’m also one of those poor slobs who doesn’t take on huge financial risk.
    LOL about the person driving up in a BMW…they’re not even supporting the US economy with their choice of automobile.

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