House update – gutters

We haven’t been doing much on the house lately which is why their has been no posts about our sweet ugly abode.  However yesterday we signed ourselves up for some new gutters.  I took a not very serious request from Royce for me to ‘research’ gutters when I was at the Iowa State Fair…which amazingly you can do thanks to the varied industries building.  I found a few companies, but was smitten by LeafGuard because on their add at the fair, their mascot instead of holding that nap-sack on a stick, at the Iowa State Fair he was holding a corndog!  How can one resist a squirrel with a corndog?!

It also helped that Cost-Co backs and carries LeafGuard so we get special discounts and priority service.  And well to make me not look like a complete decision making freak after looking at all the systems at the ISF this one seemed to be the most logical and has a great warranty.

So sometime in September our house will get some new drainpipes and a rain barrel and will instantly become uglier because our new gutters are cream and our paint is still brown.  I need to find me a painter!

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