Keep the money…throw away the Bible

Yes…my husband did say that…and then immediately started laughing at himself and deemed his fate to hell.  

Today was cleaning day.  Our house was filthy.  Between having a house guest for a month and our trip to Iowa, I had embarrassingly gotten a bit lazy and didn’t keep up.  We also went through our many boxes of books that have been patiently waiting to be unpacked and displayed since we moved 2 years ago. As we were going through them deciding which to keep and which to donate or recycle we found a sad cover-less paperback Holy Bible with a bunch of Nicaraguan centavo bills inside.  Alas they are only worth $0.06 so they will remain as bookmarks.  As for Royce’s soul…I’m not taking any bets.


  1. […] didn’t even have a cross in this house to put around my neck and I may as well fess up that we never replaced that Bible either.  At least I’m having fun on my way! Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

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