The let down and another build-up

We have just been trucking along here pushing through summer…anxiously awaiting fall, cooler temperatures, football and our busy fall travel schedule.  We hosted Royce’s friend Dain here for the month of July which.  I’ll have to admit it was relaxing to have someone around when Royce was working the night shifts even if all we did was cook dinner and watch bad TV.  Since we had a guest, we definitely ate well and did a lot of things we (ahem…lazy) never do on a typical night.  The past few days I’ve been catching up on some much needed sleep and trying to recreate my sleep schedule.  A couple of nights staying up past midnight really screws with you!

We will be heading back to Iowa this week to gather with friends and family for my big 3-0! (eek!)  I figure if a landmark birthday lands on the weekend of the Iowa State Fair and all your closest friends and family live within 3-hours driving distance why the hell not?  I’m looking forward to the ‘mini-wedding’ reunion as we like to call it.  Also neither of us have been back to Iowa in a while so it will be nice to see what has changed.  I hope to capture some quintessential Iowa pictures while I’m there so stay tuned!

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