For those of you wondering…

Today I caught my 8th mouse.  Either we have a lot of mice in this house or I keep catching the same one.  I decided topull out the poison traps…this is too many mice to be Mr. Nice Guy.

We have been doing other things than catching mice.  Last weekend Royce’s Mom and Aunt Shirley were in town and on Saturday they asked what we would normally do on Sunday and I said I would be pulling weeds.  Aunt Shirley seem extremely excited about pulling weeds (really…she was) and at 8 AM these two were outside in full force while I was still trying jolt myself awake with some coffee.  Pulling weeds turned into laying sod…which turned into putting down new mulch…which turned into planting flowers.  An unexpected day, but it was fun and went much faster with the 3 extra hands (one of Mom’s hands is not in use after all).   

I had bought these pot rings about a year ago with good intentions of mounting them on our front porch posts flanking the front door.  Not so sure why it took me so long to get these up there…they look great and bring much needed color to our ugly brown house.  I figured in the fall I can put in some mums.

Our front left landscaped bed went out to the front of the footpath.  This gave us a lot of un-used space where weeds flourished and a lot of square feet to fill in with mulch.  To rid our weed garden, we brought in the grass line to be in-line with the porch, and we put down some new mulch as well.  I also planted the begonias.

Still lots to do…so for those of you visiting beware when we ask you what you want to do for your weekend or you may be refinishing our front right landscape bed!  : D

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