Two down…??? to go…

We have mice.  I’ve suspected it for a long time but never remembered to act because they have been cozy in our basement and have never ventured upstairs into the kitchen where the damage would be a bit more impactful.  It was when they ate through my giant Cost-Co bag of rice and Royce’s grass seed that I decided the mice have outlived their stay and it’s time to go!

We bought a couple of traps this week.  We decided to try our luck at catch and release before we unleashed the poison.  I caught the first Mr. Mouse on Sunday morning, just one day after setting the trap!  And we went out back and after a long talk with Mr. Mouse (and a couple rotations of his trap so he got all disoriented) we told him to go along and be happy outside with the other mice and to stay away from our house.  He scurried from his trap and off he went.  I was just glad I didn’t have to kill it.  

I decided to reset the trap thinking that maybe…just maybe there was more than one.  And yep…today…went to check and another mouse was trapped.  I repeated the same song and dance and reset the trap once again…we will see if there are anymore…


  1. Maybe you should mark the next one you catch — wouldn’t it be sadly hilarious if you were catching the same mouse over and over again? They’re wily little buggers, especially the ones in the East Coast 🙂

  2. You’re braver than me. When we had mice, I went straight for the DCon!

  3. Came home to another trapped one. That makes 3! eek! How many are in here? Royce said the same thing Amanda…and now I’m begining to wonder if the same guy keeps getting in this house and getting trapped. Smart but stupid mousey. Unfortuantely it is all I can do by just opening the trap and letting them go…I can’t get close enough to secure a tag! LOL

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