The hunt for < 24 + inch wide bedside tables has come to an end.  This was on my “list” and I decided to tackle it sooner rather than later so that Dain can have proper nightstands (currently the ones we are using that don’t match the rest of our furniture) when he comes to stay with us for the month of July.  Not only did I find a properly sized table, but I received instant gratification and they are in the back of my car waiting patiently to be unloaded from someone with more energy than myself (i.e., Royce).  Through a google search I found this place Zadia…and my-o-my it was an unfinished wood heaven.  AND a heaven for people with small houses who need smaller furniture.  They didn’t have the exact nightstand I wanted, that one has been discontinued (of course) which is a shame because it matched our current furniture perfectly.  I did find something that was just as good though so I’m content.  Now we just have to stain them.

Which, I’m becoming sort of a pro at after this weekends rendezvous with our basement bookcase.  I got the main structure stained this weekend, the shelves will have to be done this week.  Hopefully it will all be done by a week from today.  Stain is stinky…I think I’m getting high just sitting next to this bookcase.  Which…means…I moved my office!   Yeah!  Friday I was working from home and about 2 o’clock hit and I had no desire to work anymore so I decided to move my office upstairs to its new little spot downstairs.  It’s an awfully cozy spot, and I even have a window!  Even Royce got his diplomas on the wall…something he has been pestering me to do for 5 years now.

I got a lot done this weekend and it went by much faster than I anticipated.  I’m actually bummed I have to go to work tomorrow since I’ve been on a roll here with finishing up the basement.  At least everyone is at the big annual ASCO meeting so it should be a rather quiet start to my week.

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