London Photos

Ahhh  London…I wish I was still there drinking champagne on the bus, endless pints of tasty beer, spicy curry, and guilty fish n’ chips…not to mention all the history and quaintness of such an old city.  If I could add Royce and Charlie along with the good times Chris provided…I would be content for a very long time.  Which is why I can see Chris has enjoyed her stay so much, and I hope it can continue for a verry long long time.  With that, it was nice to travel for once without the stress of a language barrier…although those Brits do talk funny!  However, they make it up in genuine niceness.  Except for crowds…I’ve never seen such disorganized, inconsiderate crowd behavior before.  Baffling.

Thanks Chris for such a great time and for a couch to crash on! 

Anyhoo…photos, click the picture to view more!  Chris also posted some on her blog.

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