When I was in London our next door neighbors moved.  I knew it was coming…Brett had taken a job in Chicago in January and the flying back and forth between the two cities wouldn’t last forever.  Jen and I were the two left wives…she alone all week…me occasionally on nights Royce worked.  Almost each night we were both alone we kept each other entertained, fed, and stable.   Most of this took place on their screened in porch while the dogs wrestled and Kaliee slept.

I didn’t prepare for them leaving, but when I got back it kinda hit me.  Charlie running over whining looking for his friend Boo doesn’t help much either.  This week has been rough…realizing such a good friend isn’t just across a fence, someone you just thought more of life would be spent with.  So to  help me over the hump I’ve made lists.  My “what to do when I miss the entertainment of Jen lists”.  I have a feeling these will get a lot of use this weekend when I’m home alone from 3p-11p while Royce works.  I just hope we get his car back by the weekend or I have a feeling it’s going to be a very long one for me being stranded here…car-less…with nothing but these stupid lists to keep me entertained.

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