And so it goes…but we got a giant TV.

Yesterday was not a relaxing day.  I knew attempting drywall was a bit excessive but I went a long with it as any good wife should to appease the part of Royce that really wanted to do this.  We set off early in the morning thinking we would rent a truck from Home Depot, get our drywall, scurry up to Costco and get our TV and all would be done.  Not. That. Easy.  All of their trucks were rented…so dejected we head back and on our way call Lowe’s but they alas have no trucks either.  Back to our neighbor we go and we sheepishly ask if we can borrow their Expedition.  Since they are lovely people they handed over the keys one again to the young couple with two reasonable cars, happy to know that their giant SUV was being used for something it was made for…hauling crap.

So back we go.  Costco was first and let me tell you it was a weird experience.  I’ve never seen people so helpful before here.  For the most part everyone just walks around ignoring everyone else.  I could be balancing a baby and 10 grocery sacks and not a single person would stop to think to help.  But buy a giant TV and everyone is willing.  Strange.  Once we got it on the cart with the help of a nice man we had to push the damn thing around the store as we got some stuff for ourselves and our neighbors.  Everyone was staring at us.  Some even congratulated us.  I guess it is a big deal but it was slightly creepy.  After unsolicited but grateful help from two large men we were able to get it into the large car without an inch to spare on each side.  Anyways look at our new baby…. big isn’t she?

It is gluttonous, but hey you work hard you can play hard.  According to the calculators we were supposed to get something even BIGGER since we are so far away from the set.  That and everyone who finds out we will be ‘trying’ soon the first thing out of their mouth is “go to the movies…you will never go to the movies again”.  So we have just brought the movies to us!  

With the TV onboard we headed to Lowe’s to get the drywall and the rest of the supplies.  The drywall barely fit in the car as well.  And boy howdy it is awkward and heavy.  By the time we returned from this adventure the afternoon was approaching and I had wished we had paid someone to at least deliver the drywall.  Next time…always learning for next time.  Our first kid is going to be screwed.

The rest of our day was filled with hanging up the first panels of drywall which wasn’t too hard once they were cut down to manageable sizes.


When not helping Royce with holding up drywall I was in charge of scraping the back wall free of this forsaken cork.  

Because the door is so close to the wall Contractor Dave (who is installing a new side door and front door for us) encouraged us to get as much of this off as we can so that he can have his 0.5 inch of space to work with when installing the hinges.  I hope you are happy Dave b/c this SUCKED:

And look Mom at our make shift scaffolding!  Thank God for disability insurance. 


By 4 PM we had decided to call it a day.  We had baseball tickets and deserved a good outing.  Our seats were horrible (thanks, but no thanks, Iowa Club) but the stadium was neat and the food options were endless.  There was a shortage of both ATMs and the ability for the food vendors to use credit which made for a bit of a conundrum.  We enjoyed the night though.  It’s not often one gets to see a brand spanken new stadium. 


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