Let there be light…and couches…and drywall

We have a busy weekend ahead of us.  Hopefully this will look different by Monday:

What is that you ask?  This is our lovely hallway going down to the basement.  It was kind of a “mini-crazy” prep before you got down to the “all out crazy” of the basement I think.  Anyways we are tired of the cork and got rid of the drop ceiling and tacky doctor’s office florescent light.  Royce installed that beautiful track lighting you see up top yesterday.  Today is drywall.  Instead of peeling off the cork (as you can see we have tired to do in the left corner) we decided to just slap dry-wall over it.  I’m not sure what sort of adhesive they used on this crap but it would have lasted through armageddon I think.  The saddest part is behind this tacky cork is beautiful sheet rock…This isn’t the first time we have been asking our selves why?  WHY? when we have remodeled this house.  I’m sure back in the 70’s they had thier reasons.

Since I had the camera out I thought you all would like an update of the basement.  Our couch was delivered on Thursday.  It is lovely and our basement smells like a big leather purse.  If I could bottle the sent for your online pleasure I would.  And now you also get to see the lovely new carpet.  Fancy huh?  MUCH better than crazy tiger/tribal pattern we had before.

Now you may be asking…whats up with those ceiling tiles?  Well…my Monday started off with a bang.  Having your husband come in to tell you that you have water in your basement after it has rained for 2 straight days is NOT the way to start a week.  Luckily it wasn’t infiltrating from the outside which is a far bigger mess to fix.  Our fridge water filter system hadn’t been changed for a while and was angry so it decide to pee all over the kitchen floor and that leaked into the basement.  The damage wasn’t much…4 ceiling tiles will need to be replaced and the carpet got wet.  It wasn’t anything beach towels, a fan and a dehumidifier couldn’t handle, but it still wasn’t fun mopping up fridge water in your robe at 7:30 in the morning on a Monday before going to a meeting packed day of work.  For all of you with water dispensing fridges out there remember to replace your filter EVERY YEAR.  We learned our lesson the hard way as we do so many lessons.  I however single handedly was able to figure out how to turn the water off to the fridge (of course I only figured this out after I had tried disconnecting the water line without turning the water off only to get water sprayed all over my face…I’ve gotta keep it real, I just can’t give you the good details).  Royce (along with the repairman) had to call me to figure out how I did it because they couldn’t find the valve.  ROAR! 

We still have a lot to do down here before it’s all complete.  For one, that bookshelf needs to get stained.  I just ordered our TV stand so once that gets in we can match up a stain for the shelves.  Blinds too…we need blinds because the sun shines in around 5 PM and blinds you (which is a good thing for a basement room I suppose).  I’ll focus on the little details later…we have a ton of wall space here to cover.  Hell we still have a ton of wall space in the entire house to cover.  Royce wants the stairwell to be a walking photo journal of our life so I better get clicking!

I’m sure there will be many more fun shots for this weekend as we teeter on our make shift scaffolding to hang drywall.  Stay tuned!

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