Yes, we are still here

It’s been a long while since a post, but we have been hard at work.  The basement is coming along…carpet is installed (pictures soon) and a couple of weekends ago we tortured ourselves furniture shopping for a couch.  We ended up going back to the same place we got our living room sofas from, and we went with total TV room comfort and got a big poofy leather sectional.  I however woke up at 4 AM yesterday freaking out about what we will do if we have a water issue…do we prop up the sofa?  Take it apart and put it outside?  Ack..  I guess I’ll just cross my fingers that we will be lucky…for a while.  It all gets delivered on Thursday so no turning back!  

We still need a TV along with a unit of some sort to put under the TV and I should move my office down there eventually as well.  Will probably expand my desk too so I’ll have a nice wrap around space to maybe accommodate another computer station down the road.  Or at least have enough room to get a good solid printer/copier unit.

Other than that we have been busy doing boring things like touch up paint, painting windows, and scraping windows.  This weekend we will get started on finishing all the doors.  I should also try to locate a mirror for our bathroom so that space can be done with.

So much still to do…so little time…and of course $$ is always an issue since most of our extra savings this year went to Uncle Sam a few days back.  Boo!

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